I’m a writer and MLIS student living in Pittsburgh, PA. Bylines featured in USA Today, The Arizona Republic, PHOENIX Magazine, The Sierra Vista Herald/Bisbee Daily Review and numerous Gannett properties. Currently working as a commerce producer for Dotdash Meredith, the publisher of titles including People, Health, Entertainment Weekly, Travel & Leisure, and Better Homes & Gardens.

In Aug. 2021 I began graduate classes in library and information science (MLIS) at the University of Pittsburgh. My emphasis will be in community and photographic archives.

I’ve broken stories on runaway llamas, a rising rapper’s death in Tucson, and recorded the history of the transgender pride flag’s creation in Arizona.

That’s also in addition to the numerous interviews I’ve had with John Waters, Emma Stone, Shirley MacLaine, Steve Carell, Robert Zemeckis, Jonathan Van Ness, Ashley Judd, Taraji P. Henson, Isabelle Huppert, Luann de Lesseps, and Adam Rippon.

I like to think I have a knack for getting memorable quotes in my interviews. There’s nothing better than having the intimidating possibility of recording an exchange become a simple conversation that reveals some untapped factoid or aside. It’s invigorating to speak with people who are passionate about what they put out in the world.

I’m a pop culture obsessive. Things that fascinate me are the James Bond franchise, the highs and lows of Faye Dunaway’s film career, and this current musical moment that’s been dubbed a “disco revival.”

Some of my hobbies include haphazardly curating Spotify playlists, basking in “bisexual lighting,” and building my dream house in The Sims 4.

If this at all appealed to you, hire me! I’m looking to “make it after all” like Mary Richards. But I’ll definitely settle to be someone’s quirky neighbor with the funny quips.

Follow me for hot takes on Roger Moore’s safari suits and “smizing” demonstrations: